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Try to remember all the containment types.

Transportbedrijven organiseren het vervoer van goederen over de weg.

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Try to remember all the containment types.

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A series of modules on the essentials of logistics, the key players in the logistics industry (carriers, freight forwarders, warehousing companies, clearing agents, etc.), the role of the individual, and career prospects.

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Includes 5 modules and 1 refresher course.

Vanuit een Distributiecentrum (DC) worden goederen ontvangen, verdeeld en vervoerd naar andere locaties. In een magazijn worden ze opgeslagen.

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This curriculum delves into the system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in transporting agricultural produce from the farmer to the consumer. It gives special emphasis to the organization of temperature-controlled food supply chains in India, and comprehensively covers the significance of proper pack- aging and preservation techniques, hygiene, quality con- trol systems in food storage and distribution, as well as the role of wholesalers and retailers. The ten in-depth modu- les detailing the farm-to-fork networks aim to provide the learner with a thorough knowledge of the producer-distri- butor-consumer configurations.

The modules under the umbrella Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) make aware of the laws, rules, guidance and processes designed to help protect employees from harm in the workplace. Focussed on the different areas of the work in a logistics environment the modules show how an employee can prevend dangerous, unhealthy situations and incidents or accidents from happening.

Laad en losplek voor schepen in de Port of Moerdijk.

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Fatigue is one of 12 human factors you need to be aware of with regard to your own safety.